First Global Entertainment and Game Industry Universal Token

Create a global Entertainment and game co-prosperity Eco world!


As the first global universal token serving entertainment and game industry, Game Cash aims to create a global entertainment and game co-prosperity Eco world by using general crypto digital asset coin GSH for Industry trading and payment.

Game Cash platform is the hub for all the games cooperating with the Game Cash Alliance, a 1000 revolutionary game alliance supported by GSH. There are two key functions on the platform, GSH Wallet and GSH Community. GSH wallet provide all the tech support for GSH exchange and trading with all the games in the alliance and is the payment bridge between players and game platforms. GSH Community is a user autonomy community built on the Game Cash platform, where community members have rights to express their support or dislike on each entertainment or game project who has joined the Game Cash Alliance.


The key benefit for the whole industry by using the Game Cash System is that the payment rate and ARPU can be increased effectively.


    All the players can approach all the games who have joined the Game Cash Alliance easily by using GSH through GSH Wallet.


    All the consumption and exchanges are well protected on the Game Cash platform through Blockchain decentralized crypto technology.


    Players have no psychological burden by the silent digital coin top-up or wasting digital assets.


    Not only existing players, but potential players can join the Game Cash Alliance easily by using GSH.


    Both game developers and players can gain profit from GSH due to the limited and decreased supply of GSH from Combustion Mechanism.


The whole system of Game Cash is composed of three key systems: Digital Account Management System (DAM), Product Exhibition and Evaluation System (E&E), and Asset Transaction and Settlement System (ATS). It will connect all the upstream partners in the game industry including but not limited to game developers, game publishers, game media, IDC, and IP owners; and all the downstream partners, including all the users, investors and game players.

The Asset Transaction and Settlement System (ATS) supports the whole game cash economic system through the equality and transparency of financial flows. Under the traditional game industry structure, game settlement and fund flow distribution are most centralized and monopolized by the control platform, such as apple store or the main game publishers. There are a lot of in-transparent information and the industry profits are layered exploitation, which is not conducive to the development of the whole game industry. By using the new game cash system, the upstream and downstream the game industry are all in an equal position. The division of profit distribution will strictly abide the contract, support by the game cash settlement system to fully guarantee transparency and fairness. There will be no money to delay or lag situation controlled by the transaction system.





Vincent Ghossoub,

Co-Founder & CEO

Vincent is CEO of Falafel Games, the Forbes’ 2017 Top Innovators in the Middle East. It has served more than 2 million users in the Middle East across its games: فرسان المجد (first fully Arabic content MMO on the Arab Conquests), لعبة حرب الحروب (first Strategy MMO game in MENA with cross-platform access web-iOS), ( درع الجزيرة a modern war themed MMO RTS on iOS(, and بطولة الاذكياء (a football-themed PvP trivia game). It is backed by Middle East Venture Partners, Middle East Broadcasting Corporation, Abu Dhabi Media Authority, and iSME Holdings. Vincent is fluent in Mandarin, French, and Arabic, and holds a BE in Computer and Communications Engineering from the American University of Beirut and a MBA from China Europe International Business School in Shanghai.

Sina Nader,

Co-Founder & COO

Sina started his career in the banking world at Morgan Stanley. He later joined Credit Suisse where he managed an approximately $100M portfolio of equities, derivatives, fixed income, and private equity investments and was the top private banker in his class. He received his MBA from the University of Southern California, and his BA from the University of California at Berkeley. Sina is cofounder of SWAN. Under his leadership, SWAN has built and shipped the world's #1 scientific jet lag app, engaged with corporations with over 143,000 employees and $424B in market cap.

Hamudi matough,

Co-Founder & CMO

Experienced international advisor with a demonstrated history of working in the games industry. Skilled in forging and maintaining strategic partnerships. Strong professional leadership with a creative sense and a great eye for details. Always on the lookout for innovative ideas that help grow and expand the business.